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Maintenance makes appliances work more efficiently, unmaintained appliances not only consume too much energy, yet they burn themselves out faster. If the appliances are not regularly serviced In the long run, it will cost you more because when they are not working properly anymore, they tend to use more gas or electricity than they would normally do. This can be prevented by proper servicing and regular inspection. Maintaining your appliances helps them live longer.



Washers & Dryer should be serviced two to three times a year. These regular maintenances will keep the machine and drain pipes clean and free from dirt, grease, and hard-water salts buildup.


Dryer vents should be cleaned one or two times a year. These regular maintenance will keep it clean and free from buildup. Dryer vents collect lint and dust over time. This can hinder dryer performance and in some cases cause a fire safety hazard.

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